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Miss British Columbia High School Rodeo Provincials Package

Queen package

2015-2016 BCHSRA Queen

Melanie Wintjes


Miss BCHSRA 2013~2014 Courtney DeMattos

Miss BCHSRA 2013~2014 Courtney DeMattos

BCHSRA Princess 2013~2014 Morgan Plumridge

Miss BCHSRA 2013~2014 Courtney DeMattos

BCHSRA Princess 2013~2014 Morgan Plumridge

Miss BCHSRA 2013~2014 Courtney DeMattos

BCHSRA Princess 2013~2014 Morgan Plumridge

Miss BCHSRA 2013~2014 Courtney DeMattos

BCHSRA Princess 2013~2014 Morgan Plumridge

Angie Watson BCHSRA Queen Coordinator
250-783-9455 ~ watsonbchsra@gmail.com

North Queen Event Rep is Morgan Plumridge
South Queen Event Rep is Courtney DeMattos

Speech Topic

Speak about your country, state/province or anything with a western theme.

Miss BCHSRA 2012~2013 Krystie Vipond

BCHSRA Princess 2012~2013 Mercedes Little 

South Ambassador 2012~2013 Carolyn Cook

Miss Congeniality 2012~2013 Celeste Windmill

Emma McFarland, Miss BCHSRA 2011~2012

Courtney DeMattos, BCHSRA Princess 2011~2012 

Krystie Vipond, BCHSRA Miss Congeniality 2011~2012

2011 Miss BC High School Rodeo ~ Pageant Sponsors

Ownership Identification Inc. Queen Buckle
Cowboys Choice New Chaps for Queen
Darryl Goodey Resistol Hat for Queen
Fauxy Western Wear (Sherri Belcham) Custom Vest for Queen
Darcey Woods Gift for Queen
Chevallier’s Arena Finals Queen Event Scholarship
Steel Workers Union South Ambassador Buckle
WJ & Sons Trucking Princess Buckle
Sage Hill Brittany’s Gift for Princess
Cowboys Choice Panhandle Slim shirt for Miss Congeniality
Circle W Quarter Horses Horsemanship Award
Helen J Woods Equine Therapy Written Test High Score Award
The Billyboy Family Gift for Personal Interview Winner
Pat Kerr & ViAnn Nowoczin Gift for Public Speaking Winner
Equalign Equine Therapy Gift for Modeling & Personality Division Winners
Rodeo Drive Gift for Appearance Division Winner

Miss BCHSRA Alumni Scholarship Sponsors

Northern High School Rodeo Group
Central Okanagan High School Rodeo Club
Williams Lake Physiotherapy Clinic
Pat Kerr
Robbie Weir
Darcey Woods, Miss BCHSRA 1995
Diana Weir (Marchiel), Miss BCHSRA 1996
Rose Weir, Miss BCHSRA 199
Caitlyn Vince, Miss BCHSRA 2001
Amy Reece, Miss BCHSRA 2005
Candace Chevallier, Miss BCHSRA 2010

2011 Miss BCHSRA Seminar Sponsors

Chevallier’s Arena
Peachland Riding Club
Carl Woods Performance Horses
Karen Hansen
Gillian Jones, Excel Spa

Miss BCHSRA 2010-2011 Candace Chevallier
BCHSRA Princess Charlie Rae Dougherty
Miss Congeniality Terris Billyboy

Individual Category Winners

Personal Interview Terris Billyboy
Horsemanship Candace Chevallier
2 Minute Speech Charlie-Rae Dougherty
Modeling Candace Chevallier
Impromptu Question Charlie-Rae Dougherty
Personality Charlie-Rae Dougherty
Appearance Candace Chevallier

Congratulations to Cassie Cooper – Miss BCHSRA 2008/2009

Miss BC High School Rodeo ~ Past Queens

Past BC Queens, Princess and committee people are encouraged to support the Miss BCHSRA fund raising efforts by joining the Alumni Program for $25/year

2011-2112 Emma McFarland Courtney DeMattos
2010-2011 Candace Chevallier Charli-Rae Dougherty
2009-2010 no queen no princess
2008-2009 Cassie Cooper Kyla Simmons
2007-2008 Maddi Kempf no princess
2006-2007 Brittan Booth Courtney Mailhot
2005-2006 Amy Reece Jillian McKinnon
2004-2005 Kelsey Goodridge Charly Cary
2003-2004 Willow Jackson-Pelletier Kelsey Goodridge
2002-2003 Taylor Jane Gardner Kim Gellrich
2001-2002 Caitlin Watson (Vince) Melissa McNeil
2000-2001 Bobbi-Lee Kjos
1999-2000 Danielle King (Cuthbertson) Kim Livingston
1998-1999 Lisa Henderson (Zaboda)
1997-1998 Rose Wier
1996-1997 Diana Wier (Marchiel) Candace Philps (Mitchell)
1995-1996 Darcey Woods Skye Kozar (Hamming)
1994-1995 Jody Keutzer (Bougerolle) Darcey Woods
1993-1994 Jody Kendrew Darcey Woods
1992-1993 Mandy Shultz Vibeke Harrison
1991-1992 Dee-Ann Hall (Norum) Joleen Jack
1990-1991 Tina Shaw Dawn Dilts
1989-1990 Erin Barbondy
1988-1989 Dawn Dilts
1987-1988 Shannon Henry
1986-1987 Tracey Sharpe (Pozzobon)
1985-1986 Lisa Sword Jennifer Harrison (Burk)
1984-1985 Stacey Soffel
1983-1984 Beth Olson
1982-1983 Erin Campbell
1981-1982 Leasa Zakall (Conley)
1980-1981 Vi-Ann Kerr (Nowoczin)
1979-1980 Terry Jo Jardine
1978-1979 Charlene Lily
1977-1978 Laurie Miller (Munroe)
1976-1977 Loreen Cheek
1975-1976 Val Miller
1974-1975 Brenda Gruenwald