Committee Checklist

  • Fill out sanction request senior and junior in full, including dates, the physical address of venue, lead contact phone and email, hospital and first aid information entry fees, events offered and any additional information such as camping, stalls, pens, self penning, fundraisers or other offered activities.
  • Sanction form must be received by the secretary 60 days before the event date to allow for processing through the board for approval, insurance, and national office. (NHSRA requires 30 days)
  • Before sending in sanction, please ensure that the venue is available. Also, check the proximity of provincial finals, check with the secretary as there must be enough time to allow for standings to be audited for finals.
  • Have a board member assist you in the hiring of qualified judges and stock contractors, they will have a list of approved personnel. Don't forget that you will need goats, also judges and stock for cutting and reined cow horse if offered. (If shooting is to be offered, there will have to be separate insurance, our provider does not offer shooting insurance)
  • Timers, announcers, if possible, attempt to have these positions filled by volunteers. The student event reps/executive will have electronic eyes, poles, goat tying equipment, flags, and banners.
  • First aid, must have a minimum of one attendant with level one first aid on-site, transportation is encouraged though not essential if ambulance service is within a reasonable distance. The NHSRA recommends an AED (artificial external defibrillator) and first aid supplies including those to treat airway emergencies. Please refer to page 143 of the current NHSRA rulebook for all recommendations.
  • Rodeo grounds, ensure that there will be equipment available to groom the arena, water if necessary, stock pens, stock water, feed (this will be determined with the stock contractor, they will have requirements).
  • Office - be sure that you have an experienced office lead to receive the rodeo box, look after judges/timers cards, payout, points, and all paperwork to be sent to our entry secretary after the rodeo. Your board of directors can help you fill this position.
  • Fundraise, sponsorship. As rodeos are expensive to produce, it is suggested that the committee leads and the members for the entire region, as well as those in the hosting community, make an effort to find sponsors or fundraise to help offset the cost of production. Check with the person looking after the regional account to see if/what funds are available to help cover the cost of production.