Sanction Process

  • Fill out Sanction form (1 for senior and 1 for junior )
  • Committee will submit to BC Secretary a minimum of 60 DAYS prior to the rodeo a complete package
  • BC Secretary will then forward a copy to Entry (Denise). ¬†Any changes from the original MUST go through both¬†Denise and Amber as the information on the sanctions is needed by them for entries.
  • Will be posted on the web as TENTATIVE AT THIS TIME.
  • BC Secretary will then forward a copy of the insurance application to the insurance broker and cc Lynn Peck on this.
  • BC Secretary will forward a copy of sanction application to all directors for approval process. This needs to be completed within a week of being received by provincial secretary.
  • Directors will vote on to approve or not.
  • Change from Tentative on web at this time; ensure that Entry (Denise) has the updated sanction form.
  • BC Secretary will fill out the appropriate national forms and have Fritz sign prior to forward to the national office along with copies of certificates of insurance.
  • Each Committee will be invoiced $200 per day for Insurance per day - this is the liability insurance that meets both the provincial and national insurance requirements.
  • Sanction fee $100 per day for juniors $200 per day for seniors plus insurance needs to be remitted prior to final approval.