1. Fill out Sanction form (1 for senior and 1 for junior )

2. Fill out the Front Row Commercial Liability form (4 pages)

3. Committee will submit to BC Secretary (Amber Atkings) a minimum of 60 DAYS prior to the rodeo a complete package

4. BC Secretary will then forward a copy to Entry (Denise) and the Web administrator Denise Swampy.  Any changes from the original MUST go through both Denise and Amber as the information on the sanctions is needed by them for entries.

5. Will be posted on the web as TENTATIVE AT THIS TIME.

6. BC Secretary will then forward a copy of the insurance application to the insurance broker and cc Lynn Peck on this.

7. BC Secretary will forward a copy of sanction application to all directors for approval process. This needs to be completed within a week of being received by provincial secretary.

8. Directors will vote on to approve or not.

9. Once insurance is confirmed by Front Row and a copy of certificate of insurance is received it will be forwarded to rodeo committee a minimum of 30 Days prior.

10. Change from Tentative on web at this time; ensure that Entry (Denise) has the updated sanction form.

11. BC Secretary (Amber) will fill out the appropriate national forms and have Fritz sign prior to forward to the national office along with copies of certificates of insurance.


The province requires a total of a minimum of $2 million liability Front Row is only for $1 million it is the committee’s responsibility to provide proof of addition liability insurance; this is to be forwarded to the secretary ASAP. The committee has the option of asking for the increased liability insurance through front row, but any additional costs will be billed directly to the committee, The Province will only pay for what is required at the national level.