Once the BC scholarship application forms are received, all applicants go through an interview process at finals and the scholarship committee distributes the scholarship funds to all the students that have applied as evenly as possible. They do not apply for any one particular scholarship, so unless an actual scholarship is designated for a certain winner (such as rookie or saddle bronc rider, etc.) they just apply for funds in general. The interview committee then distributes what funds are available.

Also, there are event scholarships in which, all event winners at BC Finals will receive $500 scholarships. So if a member wins an event in grade 9 ($500), nothing in grade 10, 2 events in grade 11 ($1,000) and 3 events in grade 12 ($1,500), they would be eligible for $3,500 in event scholarships when they show proof of enrollment in post secondary within 2 years following graduation.

How To Apply

  • The scholarship applications for 2023 -2024 scholarships closing date is May 15, 2024.
  • Any applications received in the mail after May 15 must have been postmarked on or before May 15 to be
    accepted. (That means in MY HANDS) No electronic submissions will be accepted.
  • Follow all instructions on the scholarship application.
  • Do not add other documents or information other than what is requested in the application.
  • You must be a member in good standing and meet all the criteria.
  • You must apply for scholarships in your grade 12 year even if you do not plan on furthering your education in the first year away from high school.
  • The BCHSRA allows the member the time frame of 2 years after graduation to claim the scholarship with a receipt of confirmation of enrollment.
  • An independent scholarship committee interviews all applicants and reviews all applications to ensure the application meets the criteria set out for various scholarships.
  • The decision of the scholarship committee is final in regard to the awarding of all scholarships.
  • Only one application needs to be filled out for all scholarships awarded through HSRA of BC.

How to claim your scholarship

  • The scholarship will be held in trust by the HSRA of BC Scholarship Committee for two years and will be
    paid out on proof of enrollment for further education.
  • Proof of enrollment can be scanned emailed at, or mailed to the above address.
  • Include your current mailing address where you would like your scholarship cheques mailed to.
  • No scholarship funds will be sent until copy of proof of enrollment is received.
  • Scholarship cheques will be issued after October 1 st of the new season.