Cali Schippmann


Cali Schippmann

Hello! My name is Cali Schippmann and I am the 2023/2024 Miss British Columbia High School Rodeo Queen. I am 15 years old and have loved the sport of rodeo since a very young age. My role as the Miss BC High School Rodeo Queen is promoting and keeping western heritage alive and educating the public about the rodeo community! Throughout my reign thus far, I’ve had incredible experiences and have made memories and friendships that will last me a lifetime.

Emma Antoine

2023/2024 - Miss BCHSRA Princess

Emma Antoine

Weyt-k! My name is Emma Antoine and I am your 2023/2024 BC High School Rodeo Princess, I am 18 years old.  I have been raised on the beautiful Secwepemc territory of the Bonaparte First Nations.   I have loved rodeo since I was 4 years old , I am a 4th generation cowgirl.  I am grateful to be able to be part of this western heritage with my family by my side enjoying this great western lifestyle.  Rodeo is a big part of my life and I look forward to seeing where the path takes me in the future.  Sharing the western knowledge and values I have with others and encouraging them to be part of a sport I am passionate about.

Myranda Mackenzie


Myranda Mackenzie



Tyler Bondaroff



Keianna James

Melanie WintjesQueen


Melanie Wintjes



Alysha Pastor

2013-2014 Miss BCHSRA

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2013-2014 BCHSRA Princess

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2012-2013 South Ambassador

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2012-2013 Miss Congeniality

Celeste Windmill

2011-2012 Miss BCHSRA

Emma McFarland

2011-2012 BCHSRA Princess

Courtney DeMattos

2011-2012 Miss Congeniality

Krystie Vipond

2010-2011 Miss BCHSRA

Candace Chevallier

2008-2009 Miss BCHSRA

Cassie Cooper


2010-2011 BCHSRA Princess

Charlie Rae Dougherty


2010-2011 Miss Congeniality

Terris Billyboy

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