Message from the President

Members and Families,

Welcome to another season of High School Rodeo in the great province of British Columbia! As we start the 2022-2023 season there a few minor changes we would like our members to be aware of. Our fundraising efforts are a huge part of this association and even more now that inflation has driven the cost of almost every product and service to higher levels. The greatest bang for the buck comes from our outside corporate donors and we encourage all members new and old to knock on doors of your local business community to share with them the great sponsorship opportunities and the ability to help keep rodeo alive through our youth in the sport. In the past we have offered the Directors Elite program which will still be running this season with a few minor changes. This season, to be eligible for the Directors Elite team each individual member will be required to secure $1500 in sponsorship money for the association as opposed to the previous $1000.

Additionally, this season, for every additional $500 raised, the member will gain one entry into a draw for an American Hat!

Eg. $3000 raised = Directors elite shirt plus 3 entries into the hat draw.

Be especially diligent that you get the appropriate paperwork filled out and get logos from any sponsorships so that that information can be passed on to our lovely sponsorship coordinators. This information is used for year end prizes, website and social media promotion, thank you letters and more. These fine ladies will also be working closely this season with our Student Presidents as they are tasked with increasing our media presence and promoting rodeo to the public.

Another item the Board of Directors would like to address is late and last minute memberships. I know everyone gets busy with life and we become forgetful as we get older, but our association is run by volunteers and its not fair for them to be working through the night on the final day of eligibility just to ensure all members are entered into the national database because we were late to the party. The board has decided that membership prices will go up next season by $50, however, if your membership entries are submitted prior to August first, your will receive the previous season pricing, a $50 discount.

Eg. Sr membership submitted July 25th = $250, Sr membership submitted August 1st = $300

This season, due to rising costs, Team BC shirts will no longer be funded by the Association. The price point will be determined closer to the end of 2022 as we set up for the order in early 2023.

In closing, I hope everyone enjoys the fall half of our season and we ask the Lord to watch out over our members and their families both inside and out of the arena as we travel throughout the province competing in this great sport of Rodeo!

Good Luck and stay safe!

Tyler Kosick, President BCHSRA