BCHSRA Summer Newsletter

Hello members!  Although I hope everyone is staying cool during this crazy heat wave, I know that most of you will be out there trying to make hay, fix fences and keep your ponies legged up and maybe hit the odd summer rodeo but hopefully everyone is doing well.  I also know of others that are battling to save all of their possessions due to the forest fires, smoke and ongoing evacuation orders.  Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families. 

First off, thank you to all the individuals that helped to make our Jr and Sr finals a success.  Many hands-on deck helped lighten the workload on site. Please take the time to read the second attachment with all your season leaders and champions!  The only hiccup I know of was that Colby Ignace suffered a broken arm at the Jr finals yet he still showed up the next day with a smile on his face to cheer on his fellow competitors.  Heal quick and we will see you back in the fall stronger than ever!  

On behalf of the board, I wish the best of luck in their future to all our graduating members.  We know you will go on to do great things, whether it is to continue your education, jump into the workforce or any other path life takes you on.  Always be thankful for the opportunities your friends and families have provided for you and do not be a stranger to the club.  Think of judging or volunteering for a day, regardless we would be happy to see you around the arena and know that you are always welcome to stop by. 

Graduates: Gracie Antione, Emma Begg, Patrick Bennett, Anna Best, Tryton Bose, Jaxen Carson, Jaret Cooper, Shardy Coxon, Connor Devine, Kenneth Duggan, Kennady Dyck, Tucker Esau, Brock Everett, Bryce Garcia, Troy Holmes, Cash James, Lauren Konashuk, Cooper Lafreniere, Brekan Loewen, Brandon Louie, Rylie Mancini, Walker Milton, Wyatt McCullough    , Brittany Ollenberger, Destiny Ollenberger, Conway Pinchbeck, Ameila Rachkowski, Reese Rivet, Linden Ross, Jilleena Schultz, Raea Sipple, Samuel Smith, Caily Stronks, Elizabeth Weissbach, Averee Whitewood, Karis Wilson    .

Congratulations to the winners of our major awards of the season voted by the students.  Madelin Pozzobon was our most sportsmanlike athlete, Debbie Freemantle won parent of the year and I was humbly honored as your director of the year.  Jordan Lepine won the Spirit award as voted by the directors and Riley Rae Willson won the Tesky’s award for horsemanship as picked by our National Director Daryl Mills.  Thank you to all of you that took the time to vote and congratulations to all the winners.

Good luck to Riley Rae Willson, Brandon Louie, and the Hamming girls as they try to run the gauntlet through the border and represent BC in the National finals in Lincoln Nebraska starting July 18th as well to all our qualifying Jr’s and Sr’s headed off to Swift Current Saskatchewan starting August 6th.  I am sure you all will show respect to your fellow competitors and represent BC in a way that will make us all proud.  Enjoy your experience!

As we close out our season there are still a few straggling bills coming in from finals and other various expenses but overall, our accounts are healthy, mostly because we were unable to have a spring season but regardless, they look good.  Thank you to everyone that contributed to fundraising efforts this past season.  Even though we were unable to rodeo this spring season, our major expense of the season is always our finals, so this was a tremendous help to keep us in a good position moving into our new season this fall.  Speaking of the fall, please this summer let all your friends know about HSR and that we will now be accepting Jr’s down to Grade 5.  

As far as a financial update, the club is sitting in a good position as we head to our fall season.  Our provincial account will close with around $45,000; Scholarship balance is $20,000 ($38,000 with $18,000 new this season or awarded but unused), North Account is just over $60,000 and our south account is sitting at $40,000. There are some small odds and ends sitting in the USA, Canadians, Gaming account as well as our $25,000 GIC.  The auction sent 40% to the provincial account with 30% going to each region, both the fall and spring raffles were split the same way between the regions.  As we move forward, we are leaning towards a standard split with our major fundraisers, 30% to each region, 30% to the provincial account and 10% to the scholarship account.  Regional fundraisers would see 80% go to the region and 20% to the provincial account. This will make for improved transparency for our members and less questions as to where the funds are going.  Those of you that are unaware, each region is responsible for the cost of their rodeos and what that money goes towards, the provincial account covers the day-to-day expenses for the club, national membership, accountants, insurance and the provincial finals and year end awards.  Shortfalls in the provincial account is topped up by the regions if required.  The scholarship account is separate and includes monies specified for scholarships by sponsors as well as contributions from the provincial account and regional accounts for certain scholarships.

As we look forward to next season, the board will be saying goodbye to a long-time valued member of our directorship.  Lynn Peck has been with the High School Rodeo club for so long I dare not say as it may give everyone a false calculation of her age.  But I do know, that back when I was in High School, I was not in HSR but was already a certified auctioneer, so I was asked by Lynn if I was interested in announcing the High School rodeo in Dawson creek.  I did, and there is a bit of a campfire story to go along with that one.  Long story short, she was active in the club back then with here kids and stuck it out long enough to see her granddaughter compete.  Her knowledge and dedication will surely be missed but I am certain she will be on speed dial the next couple of years and I’m certain we will put that to good use.  Thank you again Lynn for your many years of service to the Association and thank you to Stacy Bowden for stepping into the Treasurer roll.  We will also be saying goodbye to a couple of other board members, and we will be looking to fill those holes at our fall AGM.  Please remember that nominations need to be in prior to the meeting, AGM agenda items as well need to be forwarded to the secretary before the end of August as well.

Last note for now, reminder that any sanctions for the fall are required to be submitted 60 days prior to the proposed date for them to be a National sanctioned rodeo and watch for memberships to open in August.  We hope to send out another email mid to late August with all the proposed dates to update your calendars as well as keep the members up to date as they come in.  Enjoy your summer and see you in the fall!


Tyler Kosick
President BCHSRA